How to order on the website

1. Select the product you want and click to order.
2. Apply for membership or order without membership.
3. Fill in correct shipping information.
4. Pay via bank account or collect on delivery.
5. If paying via account, please inform payment details.
6. Order completed.

  Delivery period

1. The shop will deliver the ordered products within 1-2 days.
2. Shipping time is 1-4 days depending on the destination.
3. The shop orders cut-off time at 10:00 a.m. for delivery at 2:00 p.m.
4. Delivery every Monday - Saturday. except Sunday
5. Delivered via Flash Express transportation.

  Tax invoice

1. The store can issue a full tax invoice.
2. Send tax invoice issuance details via chat.
3. Required information: Name / Address / Taxpayer number
4. Issue tax invoices retrospectively Customers pay shipping costs themselves.
5. Tax invoices can be issued no later than that month.
6. Tax invoice is attached to the product.


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