Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. You agree to pay for products by credit or debit card that can be used for a legal settlement
  2. You agree not to cancel the payment later unless you receive a product that does not appropriate to the agreement, the product has not been delivered within the shipping period, or the product you receive is significantly different from the seller description
  3. You acknowledge the Refund Policy of a payment that are successfully paid, this can be done only when the seller agrees and notifies the refund request.
  4. You acknowledge all refunds to be made through the original payment method and to the person making the transaction.
  5. You acknowledge no guarantee that the refund will be credited to your account on time. The refund process may take time and depends on each bank and/or the payment service provider who process the refund.

Return Policy

  1. Period - the customer can request an exchange/return of the product within 7 days after receiving the product if the product received is defective, wrong model, wrong color, or damaged from the production process.
  2. Requirements - product return, would be exchanged with the similar product, different product.
  3. Conditions - the purchased product, accessory, packaging, shipment, and receipt must be good.
  4. People in charge - in terms of packing and shipping. If the buyer received the product for more than a period of 7 days - The buyer is responsible for shipping costs
    If the buyer received within 7 days of receiving the product - The Seller will responsible for the shipping costs.
  5. Period - time needed for exchanging/returning product as customer requests within 1-2 days.
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