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Maintaining and preventing issues with a gas stove glass top is crucial for safety and the longevity of your appliance. Here are some causes and prevention tips

Because cooking gas is easy to use. Make people popular to use in the household. Because it is easy to use, it also has disadvantages because it is flammable. Easily catches fire If we don't use it properly or are careless, unexpected events can occur as well.

A gas stove may be something close to you that you use every day. Maintaining it to make it last longer. We have some maintenance tips for you.

Many people live in apartments or condos. Can't use gas stove Electrical appliances such as induction cookers It is considered a good answer.

One of the most common problems when using gas stoves is abnormal flame problems, such as a red flame with black soot, making the bottom of the pot black and difficult to scrub off, or the stove being difficult to ignite, igniting slowly, and not completing the circle, which is caused by a floating flame. This problem can be fixed easily by yourself and is not difficult at all.

The air fryer will be almost the most popular kitchen item in 2023. It can be considered a miracle pot. Because it can cook a wide variety of foods, if we didn't talk about "air fryers and deep fryers," we probably wouldn't be able to. Today, we're going to help you decide if you're suitable for an oil-free fryer. Is it oil or an electric fryer?

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