5 tips of your stove in the kitchen for a long time

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5 tips of your stove in the kitchen for a long time

    Even though the gas stove doesn't seem very dirty, it must be taken care of. and clean often. Because of the gas stove head, there's just something a little clogged. It makes the fire weak. And it's a waste of gas.

    But the most important thing about using a gas stove is that we should choose the right type of pressure regulator for the stove. If you choose the wrong type of pressure regulator, such as a low-pressure gas stove paired with a high-pressure regulator, it will cause a floating yellow flame with soot. If left for a long period, it will cause the valve to leak gas when closed. If you don't want to waste gas and want the gas stove to be with you for a long time, you have to take care of it often.

1. Wipe and clean your gas stove before and after every use. Especially after using the gas stove. Must be cleaned immediately. Because of oil stains and food scraps that are stuck. If left for a long time, it will become a stubborn stain. Until it's difficult to clean, it may also cause the gas stove to decay.

2. The burner head and valve under the stove should be cleaned at least once a month. This is because both parts are likely to become clogged by food scraps, dust, or spider webs and cause them to malfunction. By removing the burner head and cleaning it. Then poke holes in the burner head, gear cover, and valve with wire or a cotton swab.

3. You should use a gas stove cleaner that has a mild effect. Because if the solution is too acidic, it will cause the gas stove to wear out. They also deteriorate easily, such as stainless steel, glass, or brass in particular. If not, use the lightest solution. Never use highly corrosive liquids.

4. Clean the gas igniter and gas delivery port thoroughly. Use a clean cloth moistened with water to wipe off all dirt. Do not let any dirt remain on the point head. Because it will make it difficult to rotate the burner head. It may also damage the gas igniter.

5. The pressure regulator and hose should be replaced every five years, as they both contain rubber parts that can wear out over time. This may result in the hard hose breaking and causing a gas leak. Or the pressure coming to the burner head keeps getting higher and higher. Until it exceeds what the gas stove can handle, it will cause the flame to be yellow-red with soot and may be serious to the point of a dangerous gas leak.

    In addition to maintaining the gas stove, you should also buy a quality gas stove. We recommend buying from Gmax because they have quality products, good value for money, and good service as well. Whether it is a service in the field of giving advice or shipping, it's also cheap. If you buy a gas stove from here, you will not be disappointed.

Did you know? Gmax gas stoves are made from strong, durable materials. Every model has a 1-year on-off valve guarantee. You can be confident in your safety. And if you take care of it regularly, Can be used for many years without needing to change a single part at all.


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