Why..? The flames of gas stove are red.

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Why..? The flames of gas stove are red.

      Most articled appliances for cooking It is probably impossible to escape the gas stove. Of course, almost every house has a gas stove. And of course, when we use it for a long time. There will definitely be various problems, and annoyances, such as the bottom of the pot being black with soot, the flame not being fully lit, the smell of gas, and so on. But there is one problem that many people have... You may not have noticed, that is the color of the flame itself. Today, Kitchen from will take you to see, “What does the red flame say?



What color is the flame? What does each color mean?
      First of all, let's know about the color of the flame that comes out of the gas stove. What colors are there? There are three colors of flames: blue, yellow, and red. Each color can tell how the gas stove works, as follows:

 The blue flame is the normal flame of a gas stove. It is the color of the flame that indicates that your gas stove is healthy. There are no problems. Even if you reduce or increase the power, It must be a blue flame, which means that your gas stove is still working well.

 the yellow flame looks like a blue flame, and then there are two layers of yellow powder coming in on top, indicating that your gas stove is starting to have a problem. This is because there may be too little air entering or there may be dust blocking the air pipe. This colored flame is what causes the bottom of the pot or pan to burn black.

 The red flames were pure red in appearance, had no blue tint, and were of a high level. When I turn on the gas stove, there is a loud sound!! High fires indicate that there is a problem with your gas stove. Excessive gas transmission The balance of gas and air is not equal, such as when turning on the gas hard but the air pipe is clogged or when turning on the air pipe too soft. This causes danger, a gas smell, or even a serious gas explosion. If the area is not well-ventilated.

    That burning is caused by three factors: fuel, oxygen, and heat. For gas stoves, the fuel is LPG gas, and the oxygen is general air. As for the heat, it comes from the spark itself. Now, there are two types of combustion: complete combustion and incomplete combustion.

Why is the flame red?

  • Has a temperature of 600-800 degrees.
  • Turn on the gas stove and there is a loud sound!! Fire soars
  • In appearance, it is pure red with no blue mixed in and has a high level.


  • CO (carbon monoxide) gas is produced during combustion in large quantities.
  • The air valve under the stove is not properly adjusted. Or there was an unintentional adjustment of diligence.
  • There is a blockage in the gas pipe. Whether it's at the valve pipe, burner head, or brass gear cover.
  • Connecting the gas stove to the wrong or damaged pressure regulator.
  • Black soot sticks to the pot plant.
  • A gas explosion occurred.
  • Dangerous to the health of users


  • Look at the underside of the gas stove. Balancing gas and air with air adjustment.
    Clean the burner head and gas passage.
    Replace the pressure regulator head with a new one.

      However, nowadays, Gmax has designed gas stoves to be safer. There are assistance systems so that customers can have more peace of mind when using them. So I hope the article "Why is the flame color red?" will be useful for you.


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