What should I do? When you smell gas in the kitchen

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What should I do? When you smell gas in the kitchen

    Many incidents occur when the valve is not closed or completely closed after use. It causes problems, such as gas leaks. When we smell gas near the gas tank, the first thing we have to do is be conscious. Then you should follow the following recommendations:

1. The flame goes out, the water overflows and the wind blows until the flame goes out. Not completely closed or not fully adjusted to the flame. It is the most common cause.
2. A gas tank. Setting the gas tank horizontally, or the gas tank deteriorated. from humidity and close
3. The various joints are not tightly connected or are loose. cause gas to come out.
4. Deteriorated: The hose, gas valve, or pressure regulator is deteriorated.
5. Wrong use or incorrect installation of the gas stove. The wrong type of pressure regulator is being used.

Easy way to check for gas leaks

   Use soapy water to rub in various spots. Including the gas tank valve area. Pressure adjustment head area, various joints, knob shaft area For turning on and off the gas stove, and at the soft cable carrying gas If there is a leak, A bubble will pop up. It shows that the gas is leaking. Please fix it immediately.

What should I do?
 Open the doors and windows to vent the accumulated gas out, reducing the gas density in the kitchen.
 Check and close the gas valve on the gas tank and gas stove.
 If a flame breaks out, use a fire extinguisher only.
 If all valves are already closed and there is still a continuous smell of gas coming out, Move the gas tank to an open area.

Things you shouldn't do

 Do not open any valves. Whether it is a ventilation fan or a range hood,
 Do not light a fire or do anything that causes sparks.
 If a flame breaks out, do not use water to extinguish the fire.
 Do not use your mobile phone in areas where there is a gas smell.


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