What is an induction cooker? How does it work?

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What is an induction cooker? How does it work?

    The lifestyle of modern people. Many people live in apartments or condos. Can't use gas stove Electrical appliances such as induction cookers It is considered a good answer. Many people want to buy an induction cooker for use and often have questions about which brand of induction cooker is good. It's difficult to choose because there are many brands to choose from. Let's take a look at the differences between electric stoves to make purchasing easier.

Limitations of induction cookers
    Must be used only for containers that can be used on induction cookers. If it is not a container used with an induction cooker, an alarm will sound on the stove and stop working within one minute. The containers that can be used on an induction cooker are those that have electrical induction, such as flat metal containers, stainless steel pots, soup bowls, and flat kettles. Enameled steel pots, etc.

   Users of induction cookers should be careful about shock. Because the stove plate is made from glass. Therefore, it is quite fragile. Therefore, when wiping clean, do not use steel wool to scrub the stove surface. And if a crack occurs on the front of the stove or the glass of the stove, Should not be used further.

Working of induction cooker
      The induction heating of an induction cooker is The heat is generated directly from the container placed on the stove. The stove itself does not produce heat. There will only be warm heat that is sent back from the container down to the stove. The front of the stove is not hot. Therefore, it can be wiped clean immediately after cooking. Highly safe for users

      If you want to buy a new induction cooker or want to choose different types of induction cookers for your kitchen and still can't decide which brand to end up with, We recommend that you choose products from the Gmax brand because both electric and induction stoves are available. It is a specially designed stove. It is safe to use, and the price is pleasing to the modern housekeeper.


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